A mind free to explore with John A Sanford

This is an edited version of an old interview with Jungian Analyst and Episcopal priest John A Sanford (1929-2005). Sanford begins by defining his own understanding of Christianity as a religion "where the mind is free to explore". He then turns to clarify some of Jung's confusing statements about evil and to defend the Privatio Boni. Sanford does not seem evil as an integral part of God but as something allowed for by the higher purposes of God.

Sanford inhabits the position of his mentor and analyst Fritz Künkel (1889-1956), who launched the today mostly forgotten idea of a "we-psychology". Künkel places evil not within the self but within the ego(-centricity) of man. Sanford ends the interview by broadening the definition of individuation from an individual and narrowly psychological process to more of a spiritual and inclusive definition that includes life itself.

Recommended reading:

Fritz Kunkel: Selected Writings edited by John Sanford.
The Kingdom Within: A Study of the Inner Meaning of Jesus’ Sayings

For the full video visit the following link. The interviews were filmed and recorded by James Arraj and there are other interesting dialogues in the same series available on youtube.
A mind free to explore with John A Sanford
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