Jungian analyst Jakob Lusensky engages in conversations at the intersection of psychology and religion for individuation and social transformation. 

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E21 Hans Trüb & Psychoanalysis at eye level with Paul Bishop

Hans Trüb is one of the unsung heroes of the early movement of Analytical Psychology. He was a pioneer of relational psychoanalysis or intersubjective psychotherapy ye...

E20 Rudolf Steiner & C.G Jung with Jonah C. Evans

In this episode, I speak to Jonah C. Evans about the ideas of Austrian social reformer, architect, and Christian esotericist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and how they re...

Seeds of Secular Christianity | Secular Christ Season 3 (Trailer)

In our third season of Secular Christ with Sean J. McGrath we go searching for the seeds of Secular Christianity. The series will go live in early 2024.

E19 Healing Fire: Orthodox Christianity and Analytical Psychology with Pia Chaudhari

In this episode, I speak to Pia Chaudhari about her book Dynamis of Healing: Patristic Theology and the Psyche published by Fordham University Press. Pia holds a docto...

A letter from Carl Gustav Jung to Sabina Spielrein

A letter from Carl Gustav Jung to Sabina Spielrein (1885-1942), 4th of December 1908.My Dear,I regret so much; I regret my weakness and curse the fate that is threaten...

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