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S2E2 Perverse Christianity and its remedy

McGrath examines how 2000 years of Christianity is a part of the problem and is accelerating a perversion as well as the possible remedy, by finding back to a more aut...

S2E1 Secular Christ season 2 | A sermon for the New age

Canadian Philosophy and Theology professor and former Catholic Monk Dr. Sean J. McGrath examine how to practice contemplative Christianity in the secular age.

C.S. Lewis & The Numinous

An audio clip from CS Lewis’ The Problem of Pain’, in which he explains Rudolf Otto’s classic work, The Idea of the Holy.

E13x Provisional names with Donald Carveth & Sean McGrath

This is extra material to Episode 13 about making conscience conscious with Donald Carveth and Sean McGrath.

E13 Making conscience conscious: A conversation with Donald Carveth & Sean McGrath

What’s the role of conscience, ethics, and morals in psychological development and individuation?

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